Cardiology Division

Advin Health Care Manufacture of Angio Kit, PTCA Kit, Transseptal Needle, Angiography Catheter, Guiding Catheter, Two Way Manifolds, Three Way Manifolds, Introducer Sheath, Radial Compression Band, PTCA Balloon Catheter, Aspiration Catheter, Coronary Control Syringe, Extension Line With 3 Way Stop Cock, Pressure Monitornig Line, High Pressure Tubing, Vascular Basket, PTCA Y Connector, PTCA Y Connector Kit, Inflation Device, Inflation Device Gun Type, Cardiology PTFE Guide Wire, Cardiology Hydrophilic Guide Wire, Cardiology Zebra Guide Wire, Cardiology Nitinol Guide Wire, Cardiology SS Guide Wire.