Modular OT Flooring

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Modular OT Flooring

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We, Advin Health Care Design Modular OT Flooring With International Quality Standards.

  • International Quality Standard.
  • Fastest Delivery.
  • Export Standard Packaging.
  • Customized Production.

We, Advin Health Care Design Modular OT Flooring With International Quality Standards.


  • A Floor Screed Should be provided, Flat to within a tolerance of ± 3 mm over any 3 etre area. On to this sub- floor, a self-leveling compund should be laid prior to lying of the floor finish.
  • Copper grounding strips (0.05m thick, 50 mm width) should be laid flat on the floor in the Conductive adhesive & connect to copper wire of grounding.
  • The floor finish in the operating room should be 2 mm conductive PVC tiles, Laid On semi – conductive adhesive base.
  • The Floor finish should terminate at the room perimeter passing over a concealed cove former and continuing up the wall for 100mm. All joints should be welded with electrodes of the same compatible material to provide a continuous sealed surface.
  • The floor should have an electrical resistance of 2.5* 10 to 106 Ω, as per DIN 51953 ATM F- 1450 or NFPA 99, B1 class of fire resistance and should meet UL standard 779. Fulfits product requriments as per EN 649.
  • To maintain ste strically and the correct air pressure in the room all doors into an out should be of the sliding, hermetically sealing type. The doorshould meet following specfications

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