Mobile X-Ray Machine

Mobile X - Ray MAchine
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Mobile X-Ray Machine

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Product Code :- 9B01

Advin HF Mobile X-Ray is a fine example of an X – Ray machine that’s manufactured to meet both national and international standards.

  • International Quality Standard.
  • Fastest Delivery.
  • Export Standard Packaging.
  • Customized Production.

Advin Mobile X-Ray have fine example of X – Ray machine that’s manufactured to meet both national and international standards.

The product meets all the essential requirements in terms of ease of use, mobility, manoeuvrability with high quality images that’s rich in contrast offering excellent diagnostic value. Multisys HF Mobile X –Ray is ideally suited for applications in ICUs, OTs, Wards & sports Centers & can be carried through lifts & narrow corridors.

The machine is ideal for X-Rays of chest, skull, extremities & special investigations including Barium IBP & routine Orthopedic Examinations. Range of Optional accessories is also available in Horizontal & manual position examination tables.

Advanced Features:

  • Micro-processor based control system.
  • Independent Radiography parameters (kV, mAs) selection with digital display.
  • Wider reach of tub with respect to the patient, especially for Trauma cases.
  • A 10% smaller footprint than most other models in the market – convenience in narrow spaces.
  • Ease of mobility with braking system.
  • Consistent dose output even with varying mains voltages.
  • Spring Balance up/down movement of tube arm – ease of positioning.
  • Institutive operation based on anatomical program (APR) with graphic key Switches.
  • Automatic X-Ray Tube overload protection.

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